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7 Free GRE Prep Apps

Let's face it - the GRE is something everyone dreads. It's intimidating! Even students who have a stellar GPA and thought school was a breeze stress about this test. Since it's so intimidating, we have all completed countless Google searches attempting to figure out the best ways to study for this exam.

But it doesn't have to be so stressful!! I'm sure you all have wondered:

Should I get one of those huge GRE books to study? What about GRE prep flashcards? Workbooks?

All of these resources are great. They are so helpful in getting us prepared for the GRE. But...

What if we're super busy and want to study in the short periods of time between our obligations? GRE prep apps are the easiest way to study on-the-go or in a time crunch. Plus, when those GRE Prep Apps are FREE, that makes them even better!

Here, I have compiled a list of the 7 Best FREE GRE Pep Apps! The list is complete with current App Store ratings & a quick review of what each app offers.

PSSSST! I encourage you all to check out our Product & Service options to receive access to our full range of helpful guides & templates! Check it out HERE.

1. GRE: Practice, Prep, Flashcards by Varsity Tutors

4.9/5 stars – 1.7k ratings

Available for iPhone and iPad. Use their tools to prep for the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections. They have a timer for completion of practice exams, and have flashcards and provide vocab words in-context. The only downfall I have found is that feedback is only given after completion of a practice exam, and it appears to be very general.

2. GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh

4.8/5 stars – 9.6k ratings

Practice questions, video tutorials to watch for the math, verbal, and writing sections, and the ability to schedule your studying. You can also read articles and get tutor help. The app records your progress so that you can pick back up right where you left off when you last left the app. They do offer in-app purchase of a premium version to obtain hundreds more practice questions and video tutorials. You can choose whether or not to upgrade after forming an opinion using the free version first!

3. Manhattan Prep GRE by Higher Learning Technologies

4.7/5 stars – 1.6k ratings

This app is helpful in providing immediate feedback to your answers. They have hundreds of test prep questions also found in their written prep book. They offer in-app purchase of a premium version. Its free features seem to be limited, but they nonetheless provide helpful practice questions and a progress tracker for you to use before deciding whether or not to upgrade. This is a great one for on-the-go.

4. GRE Test Prep by Galvanize

4.6/5 stars – 195 ratings

This app is praised by all reviewers. With feedback after each question pertaining to correct or incorrect answers and the ability to set a goal that they help you with, this app is impressive. Their claim to fame is having “hundreds of GRE-style questions, high-quality explanations, GRE score predictor, & exam readiness indicator”. With the limited amount of free materials out there, this app is definitely worth the download.

Subject-Specific Free GRE Prep Apps

The previous 4 free GRE prep apps include test prep for the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE. Some even contain prep for the writing portion of the exam. The next three apps are specific to certain portions of the exam.

5. GRE Math by Sherpa Prep

4.6/5 stars – 59 ratings

This app is great for full-length math lessons and provides a ton of tips for the math portion. They have how-to videos, feedback, and analysis of GRE math concept. The only complaint I have seen about this app is that it occasionally becomes “buggy”. Their claim to fame is hundreds of full-length math “lessons, tricks, quizzes, videos, analytics, stats, questions, & drills.”

6. GRE Daily Vocabulary by The Economist

4.8/5 stars - 316 ratings

Check this app for a daily dose of GRE vocabulary in passage format. The GRE vocab word will be written within the passage for context cues. You can also view its synonyms and formal definition. Downsides of the app are that pronunciation is not included, and they don't offer in-app "quizzes" or practice questions. You can save the word to study later, however. It is also possible to swipe through to view words from previous days.

7. GRE Vocabulary Flashcards by Magoosh

4.8/5 stars – 9.5k ratings

This app provides sets of flashcards with multiple difficulty levels. You can click on a set of flashcards you'd like to try, and get right to studying. The app allows you to state your confidence in your knowledge of the word - before clicking for the definition. The app then keeps track of the words you do and don’t know, and shuffles the pile accordingly.

Once you have totally mastered one of the words (~3 times accuracy), the app will take that card out of the pile. Your pile gets smaller and smaller as you learn the words. Once you get down to the pretty tough ones, it’ll throw in one of the previously memorized words. This is helpful because it holds you accountable for truly ingraining that definition into your mind long-term. It’s also encouraging if you are struggling with the tougher words to see a term you easily know within a split second.

I highly recommend the Magoosh apps along with their other study materials. Their GRE Vocabulary Flashcards App was so easy to use on the bus to class and when flipping through my phone waiting for class to start. It was the best way I found to quickly study GRE vocab, and the repetitiveness really got the words ingrained in my mind.

In case you missed it, I encourage you all to check out our Product & Service options to receive access to our full range of helpful guides & templates! Check it out HERE.

If you are looking for more information on how to study for the vocabulary portion of the GRE, check out my post with 5 Quick Tips for GRE Vocabulary Prep!

There are countless apps out there for use on iPhone, iPad, or Android on the go, but not all of them are free nor have high ratings in the App Store. These 7 apps are user-friendly, challenging, and best of all – FREE! What are your favorite free GRE prep apps? Please share in the comments below!

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