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5 Top Tips for GRE Vocabulary Prep

I am sure by now you have all heard about how crazy and uncommon the vocabulary can be on the GRE. You may have heard that the test-takers seem to come up with some sort of alien-language words to put on the exam, and that GRE vocabulary prep is impossibly hard.

People who have already taken the GRE can stress future test-takers out in a matter of seconds! Whenever I would hear or see comments about the absurdly abstract vocabulary, I'd immediately stress about how I could possibly study for this portion of the test.

Vocabulary isn’t like math, where you can memorize portions of a formula to solve a problem… or is it?

I started researching extensively on how to study for the vocabulary portion of the exam. During my research, I found a few extremely helpful tips, sites, and apps that decreased my stress level ten-fold.

Here, I have laid out my 5 best GRE vocabulary practice tips that helped me get into one of the top 3 MS-SLP programs in the nation. I think they will help you, too!

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