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About your purchase...

How long after purchasing a service do I have to use it?

You have 6 months to use a review or coaching service before it expires. You will receive reminders. If you would like to purchase a service for someone else or for use at a later date, we recommend purchasing one of our Gift Cards.

What is your refund pollicy?

There are no refunds offered for our products or services after purchase.

What happens after I purchase one of the grad school support services?

After purchasing a review or full-service package, you will receive a PDF with a link to upload your document(s) when you are ready to submit to Alyssa for review (it is most common to purchase and upload application items at a later date). Once all documents are submitted, Alyssa will review your items and respond with all feedback within 3-5 business days.

After scheduling and purchasing a coaching call, you will receive an email with the meeting date, time, and link to join. You will receive reminders prior to the coaching call.

Where do I access my DIY Application Success Bundle materials?

Immediately after purchase, you will be able to download a zip file with all of the bundle materials. You will also receive a PDF detailing how to use these materials in a step-by-step process to create your best grad school application. You will also receive a link to download these same materials at a later date if you do not wish to access them directly after purchase, but the link to download expires after 30 days.

My link to download my materials expired, can you help?

Please fill out a Contact Form using the same email you used to purchase and we will resend your links. Links expire in 30 days, so be sure to download your materials right away!


About our services...

Do you offer gift cards? I would love to give this to someone I know!

We do! You can purchase a gift card that the recipient can then apply to the service of their choice. Click here to visit the store page.

If you are purchasing a review or coaching service for someone else to use, please be sure to include their name and email address upon purchasing. We typically recommend gift cards if you are not purchasing the services for yourself, as our system relies on matching any submitted information with names/emails we have on file from past purchases.

Do you offer group coaching calls? I have several friends in the same situation as me.

Yes! We offer group calls for up to 5 students. These coaching calls are 45 minutes long rather than 30. If you have a larger group, please contact us for special pricing.

Do you offer bundle pricing? For example, I have 3 personal statements I need help with.

Yes! After you purchase a service, you will receive an email with a link to book the same service at a discounted rate.


For example, if you purchase a Personal Statement Review but would prefer to send multiple statements/essays due to different requirements for specific schools, you will receive a special link to purchase additional personal statement reviews at discounted rates.


About how we can help...

Do you work with clients applying to OT, PT, Social Work, Psychology, or other related programs?

Absolutely! I have helped students across a range of professional fields. Many grad school applications ask for similar pieces of information and have similar timelines for the grad school application process, and students of a variety of fields often find our products (especially the DIY Grad School Application Bundle) beneficial for completing their applications.

Should I apply to a lot of programs to increase my chances of acceptance?

It is not the quantity of applications you submit that will increase your chances of acceptance - it is the quality of your application and how you portray your experience, your skills, and yourself as a well-rounded, eager learner that will make reviewers realize you are a fantastic fit for the programs to which you apply.


I am here to help you create your best application in the most streamlined, least stressful way possible. Learn more about how I can help on our products & services page!

I applied to programs last year and didn't get accepted, what can I do differently this time around?

Oftentimes, rejections have more to do with the way your application represented your skills/experiences than with who you are as a student and future professional.


Visit our blog and our products & services page to learn more about how to create an application that details not only your related skills and experiences but also your interests, passions, curiosity, and professionalism to help keep your application in reviewers' hands and improve your chances of acceptance!


Still have questions? Visit our Blog for more grad school tips, or Contact Us.

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