Which SpeechLyss Service is Right for Me?

A college budget paired with application expenses can lead to unwanted pressure and put a real damper on senior year! With that being said, I want to connect you to the most affordable and effective resources. This blog post breaks down all of the SpeechLyss grad school application products to help you determine which one is right for you.

Many of you have reached out to me looking for help with grad school applications but are unsure of which service is best for you! Feel free to take this quiz to find out and come back here to learn the benefits of each!

Psst… If you know you are looking for all the help you can get throughout your SLP grad school application process, a Full-Service Package is right for you. Scroll to the bottom of this article to read more about this package, and click this link to purchase it HERE!

1. Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls are a great starting point for your grad school application journey. Organization, resume & essay writing, and finding the right schools for you are all common coaching topics.

If you are struggling with writing your personal statement, we will talk about your experiences, identify your current and growing skills, discuss why you are passionate for the field and where you see yourself in your career. We will then determine how you can move forward in crafting a personal statement that links all of these together and demonstrates your potential as a successful graduate student and future SLP.

If you are uncertain about your professional future, I will ask you questions that get to the root of your ideal life as an SLP, and we will work backwards to see what steps need to be taken to get there.

I am here and I am eager to help you succeed. Sign up for a coaching call HERE.

2. Webinars

Webinars are great if you learn best when you can both hear and see helpful information. The webinars are great additions to any of my products/services as they give you a great jumping-off point and introduction to my teaching style which you will see in all of my digital products as well.

In case you missed it, you can still access the Grad School Application Organization & Timeline webinar here!

It includes:

⭐️A step-by-step detailed timeline for the grad school application process (including what you should already have done & should currently be doing if applying this year)

⭐️How to get organized to complete your grad school applications efficiently & effectively

⭐️How to organize your personal statement

⭐️How to find & choose the right programs for you

⭐️Who & when to ask for letters of recommendation

We covered a LOT in this webinar, but we left 15 minutes at the end for attendees to ask questions live. You guys were awesome- I love meeting future speechies! The questions & answers are included at the end of the presentation.

I also have a detailed Personal Statement Workshop webinar HERE that will get you started on writing your best personal statement today!

3. Resume Review

If you are looking for personally tailored feedback to your resume and experiences that you would like to organize, a resume review is perfect for you!

I would recommend starting with a list of SLP-related experiences & skills that you want to ⭐️showcase⭐️ as you get your resume organized. You might get tired of me talking about organization, but I promise it will save you time and stress later on!

Additionally, in my DIY Grad School Application Success Bundle I have ~3️⃣ resume templates~ to neatly insert your information. You can categorize your experiences into:

⭐️Education and Awards- this is a great spot to highlight unique scholarships and honors

⭐️Relevant experiences- this part is so key and also great talking points in an interview! Make sure you use powerful verbs here.

⭐️Leadership- this section will show grad schools how you will thrive in their program and make the most of opportunities that come your way!

⭐️Volunteer experience- yes, this should be included on your resume! You do not have to go into as much detail as you do in your related experiences, but schools love to see all that you’ve been involved in as a volunteer as well as a student and leader

Your resume will probably look nothing like your peers’. The individuality makes them exciting but scary too! Use these templates to craft your own unique resume with advice on wording and experiences to include throughout.

If you are the student who can handle👏🏼 this👏🏼 on their own, but needs the tools to do it, this is your product! As the title suggests this bundle is for doing it yourself!

You will be provided with:

⭐️A grad school organization spreadsheet that will be your blueprint for success. It has 21 columns of information that you should be tracking as you research grad schools to apply to! This includes deadlines, website links, GRE codes, open house dates and much more that will allow you to look up information once and keep it neatly organized for reference throughout your application journey. It also allows you to easily compare programs and move them around to create your list of most desired schools!

⭐️THREE customizable Resume Templates with advice on wording, information to include, & layout to highlight your skills & make your key experiences stand out to reviewers

⭐️Advice on writing the best grad school personal statement

⭐️The Ultimate Timeline for the Grad School Application Process - detailing every single step in an incredibly helpful 16-page document

⭐️7 Important Letter of Recommendation Items Professors Request

⭐️5 Application Mistakes That Could Harm Your Chances of Acceptance

And much more!!

If you find that you have used these materials and want my feedback on the application you have created, you can always sign up for a resume review or coaching call later on down the road! This DIY bundle is usually my square 1 recommendation for students who would like to organize your thoughts, goals, and experiences in a way that makes every step much simpler.

5. Personal Statement Review

This package is for a partially or fully completed personal statement that is ready for feedback. I will comb through for grammar and spelling errors. I will make suggestions on where you can elaborate or consolidate information. I will make sure your statement flows and tells a story of what characteristics you bring to the table as a future grad student.

With a personal statement review, you will:

🌟 Be confident that your statement identifies your ‘why’ and demonstrates the qualities and skills you have to become an amazing SLP

🌟 Ensure your personal statement builds upon your resume, not just repeats it

🌟 Tailor your statement to stand out to each program

🌟 Avoid common pitfalls & feel confident in your work!

7. Full-Service Package

Lastly, if you are looking for assistance every step of the way, the Full-Service Package is the choice for you. Not only will this package support you through creating ALL of your application materials, but it will also guide you through the search for schools that fit your individual needs and goals, and provide you with the resources and detailed feedback you need to help increase your chances of acceptance. There is no shame whatsoever in looking for reassurance during this challenging process!

This bundle includes EVERYTHING in the success bundle (aka all of my tried-and-true products) PLUS:

🌟 Resume review with detailed edits & suggestions

🌟 Personal statement review with custom edits and in-depth guidance

🌟 Personalized application recommendations based on your reviewed application materials, your GPA & GRE scores, and your current list of schools

The full-service package has everything you need to produce your best application with the least stress possible, and get custom feedback from me on where you can improve once your materials are complete.

Sign up for a full-service grad school application support package HERE!

As always, feel free to send me an email at hello@speechlyss.com with any comments, questions, or suggestions :) Let me know what I can do for you!