Grad School Organization Spreadsheet - Template

Hi there! In our DIY Grad School Application Success Bundle, you will find your grad school organization template.

It has 21 columns of information that you should be tracking as you research potential graduate schools to apply to. Download and start tracking your schools' information today!

PRO TIP: Add at least 3 pieces of info about any school you're even remotely considering. There were multiple times throughout the process of applying to schools where I'd think "Hmm, I think I looked into this school, but I can't remember how their program works..." And I had to go back to the school's site to re-find all the information I wanted to know before adding it to my application list.

Don't let this be you!

After you've looked into all your potential schools, be sure they pass the Checklist for Adding A School to Your List (also found in the DIY Grad School Application Success Bundle) before you finalize your list of schools you send your application to!

This content is part of our DIY Grad School Application Bundle. The bundle is included in our Full-Service Application Review Package and can also be purchased separately.

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