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Grad School Resources to Know

Although here at SpeechLyss we want to provide you with robust resources and coaching opportunities to help you sail through your grad school applications, we also want to acknowledge that there are some really great resources out there! In this blog post, we will connect you to other websites that will make your life a little easier. :)

1. ASHA Ed Find

ASHA Ed Find allows you to narrow down your grad school search and provides key information about each program! Using their filters, you can refine your search to the:

  • Type of Degree Program

  • Area of Study

  • Speech-Language Pathology

  • Audiology

  • State

  • Program Offerings

  • Part time

  • Study Abroad

  • Post-doctoral opportunities

  • Pre-requisites

  • Online degree opportunities

  • Cultural Emphasis

  • Grants and Contracts

Once you have selected your non-negotiables, you will be provided with a vast list of potential schools for you! Navigate each one to find out additional information.

The site shows you how many people applied versus accepted, the average GPA of attendants, number of scholarship recipients, GRE requirements and more. They give a nice and succinct overview of each school, as well as links to each program’s website.

If you are looking for your first step in the grad school application process, this is it!

2. Writing advice from Grad School Programs

Personally, I have found that I learn best from examples! These are very tricky to provide since personal statements are exactly that- personal. However, these programs have done a beautiful job with providing a bit of framework to jumpstart some of your own ideas.

  • University of Texas Personal Statement Examples

  • This PowerPoint presentation walks you through both prompts and real-life examples of a personal statement. The information you glean from this story might remind you of an experience you would like to share about.

  • Vanderbilt University Diversity Statement Advice

  • With many more programs embracing the importance of DEI, they want to make sure their students are actively prioritizing inclusivity as well by requiring a Diversity Statement. Because this is a relatively new requirement, you might be unsure where to start. This article breaks down how to articulate ways in which you will contribute to a culture of inclusion and campus diversity.

  • American University Diversity Statement Advice

  • In this article, American University provides a list of diverse factors that you might be able to elaborate on in your statement. They provide questions for self reflection and two full-length statement examples.

3. Resources for Specific Interests

  • Grad Programs for SLPs by State

  • If you have already decided exactly where you would like to further your education, but are unsure of available programs, this resource is perfect. This website also lists the average SLP salary in each city and what steps must be taken to obtain your license in the state of your choosing.

  • Licensure State by State

  • This portion of ASHA’s website will give you detailed information on SLP-related mandates state by state. This includes important topics such as telehealth, loans, and insurance. This are all variables to consider in deciding where you would like to practice.

  • Multicultural and Bilingual SLP Grad Programs

  • If you worked hard to obtain a minor or double major in another language, you might consider finding a program that has additional opportunities for you! For more information in this area, check out this blog post by Raquel Anderson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

4. Upcoming Grad School Program Fair by NSSLHA

  • This 3-day virtual event will include sessions with breakout rooms for each participating graduate/PhD program.

  • Attend one session (or all 3) based on the programs you're interested in. Pop into each breakout room for a short time to chat with reps from your favorite program . . . or stay for the full session and chat with them all!

  • You'll steer the conversation, so come prepared with questions.

As always, check out all of my grad school application resources & services and feel free to send me an email at with any comments, questions, or suggestions :) Let me know what I can do for you!

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