Grad School Application Must-Dos and Must-Haves

Are you planning on applying to a masters or PhD program? The application process can be overwhelming, but with careful planning and preparation, you can increase your chances of being accepted into your top-choice programs!

This blog post reviews the must-dos and must-haves for the grad school application process. Enjoy!

*Please note that this blog is written primarily for future speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and related professionals (PT, OT, teacher, nurse, AuD, etc.), but is generally helpful for all grad school applicants! Please reach out to if you come from a different field and have any questions regarding my products/services. I'd love to chat with you!

Grad School Application Must-Dos:

1. Research and begin your list of SLP grad school programs

Identify and research schools that have accredited SLP master’s programs. Consider the program coursework, faculty and their respective research labs, cost and financial assistance, location, and your specific areas of interest.

2. Check application requirements

Each SLP program will have its own application requirements, such as transcripts, recommendation letters, resumes, personal statements, and/or essays.

Review these requirements carefully as you research SLP programs, and keep track of them in a detailed spreadsheet like the one found in my SLP Grad School Application Blueprint course’s Organization Module.

3. Take the GRE (if needed)

Many SLP programs require applicants to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or a similar standardized test. Register for the exam and schedule a testing date well before application due dates if any of your schools require the GRE.

4. Write your SLP grad school resume + personal statement

Most SLP graduate programs require applicants to submit both a resume and a personal statement and/or essay. Highlight relevant experiences and skills in your resume, and share more details about your experiences, goals, and motivations for pursuing a career in SLP in your personal statement.

See many more details about writing your resume & personal statement (including this → that examples!!) within the SLP Grad School Application Blueprint course!

5. Request letters of recommendation

Most schools require a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation. Ask professors, mentors, bosses, or coaches you have had to write letters of recommendation for you.

Find more details on letters of recommendation in my blog post on How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation as well as within the SLP Grad School Application Blueprint course.

6. Submit your applications

Complete online applications for each grad school. Submit your transcripts, recommendation letters, personal statement/essay(s), and any other required materials.

7. Wait for a response

After submitting your application, you will likely wait several weeks or months to receive a response. If you are accepted into a program, you will receive an offer letter with further instructions on how to accept and enroll!

Grad School Application Must-Haves:

1. A planner

Staying organized is THE key to a successful application process. Use a planner to keep track of important dates, deadlines, and application requirements - whether that’s online or in a paper planner. If you like paper planners, see one of my most popular posts, the 2 Best Planners for College & Grad School.

Anddd for *literally everything* you need to know about getting organized & completing every single step of the grad school application process, you have to check out the SLP Grad School Application Blueprint course.

2. A schedule

Set aside dedicated time each week to work on your applications. Create a schedule and stick to it to ensure you meet all application deadlines. Trust me, these applications take a lot more time and effort than you’d expect.

3. All the amazing SLP grad school application help at offers an abundance of resources to help you stay organized throughout your grad school application process.

The SLP Grad School Application Blueprint course provides 5 course modules packed with step-by-step video lessons + downloadable guides, templates, and checklists to help you build a stand-out application.

If you’re not sure where to get started and want to ask specific questions pertaining to your grad school application or list of schools, sign up for a Coaching Call!

Don't let the grad school application process overwhelm you! By following these must-dos and getting these must-haves, you can increase your chances of being accepted into your dream program!

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at I'm always here to help! Have an awesome day!